‘Sweeping up the news the mainstream leaves behind’ for the world


Swept: Your News. Your Culture. An

Independent Voice.

That is exactly why Swept magazine came in to existence to provide an independent voice, to encourage more debate and discussion on issues affecting our communities, and to generate interest in local culture.

The magazine offers different content through its two mediums- its website and e-zine that is free of cost! This changes the whole meaning of Swept– one can see creative and factual independence thus higher chances of reporting accurate stories.

With this, they also encourage other creative individuals to get published going beyond their local confinements to accept both national and international contributions.

Though the magazine has had only 4 issues till now, they have already formed a capital of contents that vary in its format. The e-zine which can be downloaded from its website and is also available on Magzter.



Segmented into four themes Local Literature, Art, More than words and News and opinion; the titles are quite self-explanatory.

Local Literature consists of poems and fictional stories where as More than words is a form of story telling through visuals through City moments and Comics. This is where the novel factor lies- City Moments(almost similar to Humans of New York, but this could be of any city) and Comics possess pictorial advantage to amuse the readers from standard text reading.



News and opinion have so far been focused on American and Canadian politics and little bit of international politics.



Though it is Canadian based magazine, it emphasizes on acceptance of both national and international coverage. This can be seen in the articles they have published right from photo story of an a train trip in India to the hill station of Ooty to feature pieces on a traveler’s ride from Canada to Brazil on a horseback to Egypt Post Revolution and much more..




The website just like its magazine has a clean and minimal design, with emphasis on high-definition pictures.

site 1

To continue the viewing of website on regular basis, works of various photographers and artists are showcased with links to their websites.


To escape to a different horizon, where the world is dominated by visual beauty filled with the realistic ideas of politics, art, nature and literature  log on to http://sweptmedia.ca/ 



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