The India Tube: A place for travellers, not for tourists.

Delhi based ‘The India Tube’ got their target audience right in its tagline: A place for travellers, not for tourists. So how is this website different from any other? Take a quick look if you are one of their targeted readers!


What is it?

We often use Google to find out a unique restaurant or plan our weekend trips or even check out for an art exhibition. But the result would be the highly-visited links than the less heard ones which you might be looking for. The India Tube, is one of the websites which can offer you ideas and places which aren’t often spoken about thus acting as a virtual guide for urban travellers (and not tourists) of Indian cities.

Besides offering reviews and suggestions on the latest eateries (street food, bakeries,  confectioneries, posh restaurants) and bars (cheap to extravagant liquors), the website indulges in little bit of luxury and travel writing that covers hideaways and captivating oddities. Catering to price ranges- from bag packing to luxe to meet-the-budget sorts, one will find places they wouldn’t hear from any other source. Sourcing few articles from Mumbai Boss (a guide to happenings in the city of Mumbai) and The Guardian the website also features articles of writers like Surabhi Tandon and Vandana Verma.Events like music gigs, art exhibitions and festivals find their way in the the category of culture.  Last but not the least, fashion and book lovers get to know the latest hot spots with a list of things to shop or try.


Who is it for?

If you are an outdoor person with eccentric tastes then this website can serve as a perfect guide for you.  The website looks at an urban class of generation which indulges in off-the-beaten-path food  and culture discoveries. So if you are looking for a bar, a college student on a budget will find Bandra’s famous and cheap Janata while an earning youngster can go through the recommendation of Hotel Broadway. Be it roadside dhaba to a high end restaurant, as long as you want to be aware of the latest happenings in the city, this website should work for you!

Where can I find it?



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