Facing the actual books.

I feel dead from inside,
every time I see you.
My brain stops to function
for my numb fingers to move
while my eyes force me to look at the humour
everyone’s opinions on what I should and shouldn’t
with a random “what’s on your mind?” that you ask me

I judge

I forget

I get angry

I forget

I look around
wonder why I even came to see you.
It wasn’t for fun,
or any motivation.
Just hoped to know
how alive they are with you

but I laugh,

I forget.

I like

I forget.

You have sold my functioning basics for free
I crave that attention you let me have
I see them like what I say

I feel confident

and I forget.

You feed me senseless news
and yet expect me share my mood and my favorite song
I laugh at them memes
I feel smarter than ever as my IQ level drops

I laugh,

I forget.

I laugh,

enough now it’s time to hit the logout button.

Courtesy: Wang Fangqiao

Courtesy: Wang Fangqiao


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