Surviving the Din: From a Poet’s lens

Do we aim to run away or run deeper in to our social life when as we go on and off social media websites and applications in today’s world?
This article by a a poet looks at two different generations- one of Euripides, the Greek Dramatist and Woody Allen, American Filmmaker and writer. These two artists represent two distinct generations which possesses a wide gap as far as the evolution of technology is concerned. But what is striking, is how human behavior and his understanding of the society has more or less been static with variations in the context.
Author Arundhati Subramaniam, a poet, beautifully points out her nuanced observations as she tries to do away from the contemporary world in an ashram to recognize that humans will always be faced with the dichotomy of running away or running towards the society only as a way to reproach their lives. But either ways, it is to reproach life with a variety of perspectives.
Read on more as she jots down few instances from the lives of Euripides, Allen and concludes the above through the anatomy of Poems.

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